‘The new Variant-continuing Covid saga’

‘The new Variant-continuing Covid saga’

I am the power on earth at present,

Do not think I just going to be on holiday

I am a tiny virus called Covid with many variants under me

I am a woman with mighty power to produce many as like,

I do not need a man to create a new life as I above the power,

Many lives start from earth as a worms of all sorts,

From the water as an amoeba or a fish or many other forms.

But through a virus like me, I do not need a base to start a new world order,

Which has already brought chaos and destruction,

my power cannot match with the mighty weapons which you produce,

You see a baby coming from the womb of a woman,

you see a worm growl out of earth, you see a birds flying over your head,

you hear the whisper of wind through the breeze, but you can not see me

you feel me when I block you vital systems,

I will give your a head ache when oxygen flow is disturbed your brain,

I will give you aches and pain when I get in to your muscles,

You cough when I am dangling in your throat,

I will give you a fright when I walk in to your bronchioles

So, wear a mask, look after yourself and others,

It’s going to be a long battle for you to get rid of me,

As you destroy the rhythm of nature with greed and stupidity

You prefer the multinationals rather than mighty nature,

Most of you are selfish and narrow minded,

Just think for today but not about the future of your kids,

The beauty of the earth is tarnished by you,

Air is no loner fresh or healing,

Water is no longer freely available or plenty,

Greenery is replaced with cows and pigs for sake of your appetite

Please stop a few minutes and think and see around you,

Promise your self to be a part of nature

Or I or another untold power will slowly wipe out the Earth

Please change, think good, do good, and be good.

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