Fear of the winter of 2022:

By Rajes Bala- 24.10.2022.

I fear for the forth coming winter of unbearable cold and dark,

as we may not have enough heat to warm us to be healthy,

I fear the old once at a vulnerable stage in their life with less immunity to fight the illness,

I fear for the babies who may not have enough food to grow appropriately.

I fear for the majority which may face poverty and hunger in the cold winter.

I fear the hospital staff who may work very hard to face up to the coming illnesses

I can visualise the queues very long in the food banks around the country,

I could hear the cough of the homeless with chest infections in the street corners

I may see the dead body of a poor man. stiff as a wood in the corner of the lane.

I may pass by the young person who has no where to go as he can not afford the rent in London,

I am already seeing the masses with sad eyes due to the worries of the winter ahead,

I talk to pensioners who have to decide whether to heat the place or eat to survive.

Winter is coming with dark clouds of pain and fear of survival.

Winter is always the time for hardship, isolation and illness,

Winter is the time one feels the fear of not enough to get by as one pay for the heat,

Winter is the time when the humanity feels it vulnerability as nature takes over.

What we can do to help others. as that’s the nature of our history until now.

Save energy as much as possible to get through the winter.

See the way to helping the vulnerable by keeping in touch and doing the best for them.

Hope for the situation to change to keep humanity from unwanted deaths and disasters .

Hope is the right mechanism to keep our mind in positive thoughts,

Hope has the mighty power to connect the humanity regardless the divisions,

Hope the situation may change and not many have to face bleak winter,

Hope and kindness is the mighty value of Britishness,

please remember that mantra in the winter. God bless you all.

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