What did I miss during the lock down?

What did I miss during the lock down?

The list of my memories will be long, but some were repeated daily in my thoughts,

As at times I loved to engage with the daily show through my windows.

I cried and missed- my boys and grand kids who are out of London

Tasty meals and sweets with so much love from my relations I truly missed.

I sadly missed the walks and talks with my friends around London.

I missed the face to face meeting with my social group.

I missed the children’s noises and voices in the school hours in my street,

The lady in her electric chair with a hissing sound who goes daily via my road,

The old man walking slowly with his chatty grand kids to school,

The beautiful young lady with high heels passing by my house like a model in a TV add.

The old lady next door who walks with a black coat and hand bag to the shop in town

Naughty teenagers making noise on their way to school.

A handsome young man walking fast as he is going to miss the train.

I definitely missed Lynda who takes her funny looking three dogs for a walk.

I loved to see the mother who says good morning to me when she sees me in my front garden

I really missed my friends whom I loved to have over for lunch or dinner and a chat.

How can I not miss my passion of going to concerts and the cinema when ever I could?

I missed the normalcy in life as the constant fear of death and ill every day.

Rajes Bala-21.3.2022

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