‘Love is,

‘Love is,

May be an image of flower

by Rajes Bala-march 21

Love is not a feeling or a want,

Love is not just falling for some one.

Love is not the act of making love together.

Love is not the work of buying a house together,

Love is not reflected in being together or going places,

Love is not showing others that you’re a couple,

Love is not wearing the colour that she or he likes,

Love is not just about caring for one another,

Love is not just of being in bed or the sharing of bodies,

Love is not just saying,’I love you for ever’,

Love is not based on crying when she or he is not there,

Love is, not being in control, or wanting to be ‘controlled’

Love is,

Love is, lost in unknown when the other has gone,

Love is, the beauty of feeling that two’ have become ‘one’,

Love is, acknowledging the greatness of two souls as one,

Love is, together creating source for the future,

Love is, knowing the power of pleasure with nothing hidden,

Love is, accepting the other as the most special in one’s life,

Love is a give and take with no hidden agenda

Love is not making the other feel lesser or higher

Love is, knowing every second that you are not alone,

Love is, feeling the electric explosion,

when one meet the ‘right one’

Love is, feeling of madness or being possessed by the unknown,

Love is, giving oneself completely to the other,

Love is, no fear or danger, do anything to the other,

Love is, the wonder of the of pleasure of just ‘one kiss’

Love is, one feel always ‘complete, even when the other is far away.

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