‘I envy you lovely bird,’


You fly in the sky, I stay in doors,

You see the free world, I see not much from here,

You see a new scene every day, I see the old one for ten months,

You fly through wind and rain, I am stuck in a closed room,

You feel the beauty of nature I see the four walls every day day,

Dear bird, I wish I were you, to fly far and wide,

to touch and feel what ever I like,

I wanted to be you to fly in the sky, to see the world below me,

You may have a little nest, I have a warm house,

but you are free, I am in prison

You see your chicks and kiss them,

I see mine via video chat and cry as I can’t hug them.

You come in to my back garden, taste my grains and fly away,

Dear bird, I think, humans are cursed at present

because most of us are selfish and greedy,

without much care for the world or others,

but you are as good as any other animals,

content just to have what -ever you need-

not like us wanting to have more and more.

I am happy to see you every day lovely bird,

come in to my garden and chirp away in your language,

make me happy with your beauty and elegance,

keep me for a short time from my isolation.

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