A New path of democracy in the North

A New path of democracy in the North

The Chief minister should work with Sri Lankan national politics.

Rajes Balasubramaniam- (Human right campaigner) London.


Most of us expected the TNA was going to win the provincial Election in the north. Now the Tamil people have voted the TNA have done just that, and by an overwhelming majority of 30 places out of 38.

This election victory, according to many moderate Tamil people’s views in London, is mainly to do with the Chief Minister candidate, Mr Wigneswaran. He is seen as a voice of reason within the Tamil nationalists amongst the TNA crowd. The Chief minister was born, brought up and worked in the south where he lived within a multi-cultural environment. His children are married in to Sinhalese families. He is well respected by both the elite and ordinary people of the south, regardless of if they are Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims or Burgher. He was a judge who would take the time to understand the complexity of a situation before passing judgement.

We hope that he will take a very clear path and work for the Tamil majority in the north who have suffered immensely for many years and who have a multitude of problems to deal with. We hope his political strategies will focus on immediate needs of the majority in the north. There are thousands of war widows, and thousands of children who have been orphaned or have left only with one parent, they need help and support. There are issues with the young generation who are looking for a better future through job opportunities. Local fishermen have constant problems with Indian fishermen who are crossing into Sri Lankan waters with their high powered trawlers, depleting stocks of fish which belong to Sri Lankan fishing communities.

There are on going problems regarding violence against women and the vulnerable. The social structure must be re-built. Genuine leaders should be encouraged to emerge. The economy must be re-constructed to stop the educated work force leaving the province. The agriculture of the north has been suffered tremendously for many years because of the war. People had been moved like cattle, their re-settlement must be resolved. Jaffna once had a brilliant name for educational advancement, one which has been eroded heavily for 30 years or more. There many more issues in the north which we can attribute to the war.

The world has moved so rapidly since the 1950s, but the Tamil political mind set is somewhere in a dream land, which has cost thousands of lives and untold damages to the whole of Sri Lanka. Many lost their properties and their way of lives. The civil rights movement in America started it’s campaign for equality in democratic way, now they have an African American president. We Tamils who wants equality in Sri Lanka have had it taken from us by leaders who asked for separatism. We are Sri Lankan we have the right to live equally. We do not have to be divided. Less than 4% of the Sri Lankan Tamil population are asking for separation which is never going happen. It is better to understand the reality of the situation. Mr Wigneswaran should emphasise with this.

There are many voices within the TNA, some seem to think that this election victory is the way to get Ealam! The diaspora Tamils, who wants constant conflict in the country are calling for the international community to recognise the Tamil’s right for self determination!

Some of the Tamils in Tamil Nadu say it is the verdict of Tamils in the North to get Tamil Ealam!

Mr Wigneswaran should know the fact is the north is part of Sri Lanka, one of nine provinces which has a Tamil majority, but more Tamils live in the south than the north. Whatever he is going to ask for it must be within the rule of the land. The political views must not based on the diaspora Tamils or the activists in Tamil nadu. Diaspora Tamils are never going to go to live there. They are using the misery of Tamils in Sri Lanka to organise meetings, collect money, and create a name for them selves. Most of the Diaspora Tamils never lived in the south before they came to the West, never had anything to with other communities in the south in Sri Lanka. They now live in forty or more countries around the world with various communities and learn the language of the country. But they do not want the Tamils in SriLanka to learn Sinhala or live with others, they wants to spilt a country over which they have no right to.

Asking for police power, land power and so on not are the immediate issues. People in the north must be settled properly. The young should given the educational opportunities. Mr Wignewaran must be seen as one of a leader of Sri Lankan national politics but not a leader of nationalistic Tamil politics. Tamils in Sri Lanka have missed many chances to gain better political status, now they have got another chance they must use it wisely.

We hope that Mr Wigneswaran, as a chief minister, will work with many of his opponents, regardless their differences, to bring peace and harmony to Tamils in the north as well as to all the people in Sri Lanka.

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